About Us

After four continuous years having provided water to Oil Companies with the use of hauling trucks in the Bakken field, USA, James Williams and Joseph Harker bet, in 2014, to go a step further. These two entrepeneurs sell their hauling trucks and found "Water Transfer Solutions", an organization that optimizes the water transfer service through the introduction of layflat hoses which will move this resource from one point to another. In this way, they become one of the pioneering companies in the area to put this type of solutions within the reach of the hydrocarbon industry.

Currently, WTS provides water transfer services to four oil companies in Bakken, having provided water for the "fracking" of more than one hundred wells.

In order to extend the "Solutions" to more companies, WTS extends its horizon to "Vaca Muerta" in Argentina.


WTS Del Sur is the first water transfer company to be established in Rincon de los Sauces, in the heart of Vaca Muerta, only 135 km from the city of Añelo. Our main objective is to provide a quality service that gives an optimal and safe solution, framed in the specific needs of each operator.